Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of August 16

Here are the praise and prayer requests for this week.

Cathy had a praise report and prayer request that I didn’t capture due to some technical difficulties getting started.  I can’t make out the backup recording either.  Cindy praises the Lord that they are able to get the grandchildren into school.  Pam rejoices that she was able to spend time with good friends and someone helped her financially.  Pastor David says that Kim is back safely and had a good trip.  Brenda is thankful everything worked out after her car broke down last week.

Keep praying for Kelly and Shelly and Clark.  Cathy’s grandson is headed off to college this week and she prays he will be able to manage all his responsibilities.  Pam needs new custom shoes to help with her walking.  Her cats are sick.  She reminds us to pray for our nation.

Be an answer to prayer this week.

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