Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of August 18

Pam praises The Lord for His faithfulness.  John is glad he’s here and so are we!  Lupe says her friend that we prayed for last week is doing better.

Kim hurt her ancle on friday.  Pastor’s brother-in-law Bill is having complications with his heart.  Cathy asks prayer for Paulene who has recently had two heart attacks.  Micki from down the street asks prayer for her mother who is sick and has to stay on oxygen and for Carla who is looking for work.  Lupe asks prayer for someone she knows who is in danger of being evicted because the owner is being foreclosed.  Keep praying for Kingston who is due more intensive therapy.  Don asks prayer for Charles, someone he knows who is sick and on oxygen.  Pam reminds us to keep praying for Sally, her apartment manager who had a stroke.  Anita asks us to pray for her son Terrance.  Debra wants prayer for an acquaintance with a heart problem, Gary.  Keep praying for Shelly and Kelly.


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