Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of August 2

Kim is glad to be here and we’re glad to have her back.  Pam is thankful for the Lord’s blessing.  Priscilla says her dad is back home and improving.  Less is thankful that Jane is better and we’re glad she’s with us today.
Kim prays for safety as she goes to see a friend this week.  Cathy prays for the Lord’s blessing on their efforts to sell some property.  Don prays for his neighbors Nora and Israel who had a traffic accident last week and for the family of another neighbor Steve who passed away.  Pam’s friend Chris needs a new attendant.  Pray also for his mother.  Pam prays for her mother’s salvation.  Keep praying for Kelly.  Lisa S is in Parkland with an as yet undiagnosed condition.  Linda prays for the family of a high school classmate, Scott Hanna, who passed away this week.  Cindy prays for peace and order in her home.  Lupe is ill again with complications from asthma.  Pam prays for everyone struggling with health issues and dealing with insurance.  Brenda asks prayer for a coworker Cheryl who had surgery last week.  She prays for another coworker Jason with health issues and who recently lost a mother.  Debra asks prayer for her niece who is quadraplegic and having trouble getting oxygen.  Her name is Christie.  Pray for Sandy and her daughter Heather.  

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