Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of August 9

Here are some things to rejoice over and some things to pray over for this week.
Ruth is thankful that her medical tests came out good.  Her sister is doing better after her accident.  Pam is thankful for time with friends.  Kelly got an apartment.Anita enjoyed her trip last week.  Cathy is thankful that her friends daughter was not hurt seriously in a car accident.  Didi is thankful things are working out better at her home.  Karen is glad to be able to be here today and rejoices in her granddaughters going on missions.  Pam also praises the Lord in advance for all that He is going to do for her mother.
Less is having pain in his legs and stomach.  Ruth asks that we pray for Sharon whose home was broken into and her dog was lost.  Didi asks prayer for the King family who lost a man to suicide.  Pray for Didi and her family.  Tim is not feeling well.  Anita’s aunt is awaiting medical testing that could yield serious results.  cathy asks prayer for a medical procedure to go well.  John prays to strengthen his friendship with Kelvin.  Karen is having trouble with her kidneys and joints.  Pray for Kim as she travels.  Pray for Pris who still can’t see well out of her eye though it is doing better.  Pam wants us to keep praying for Sandy and Heather.  Also pray for Chris and his mom.  Pray for Priscilla’s father Glenn.

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