Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of August 25

Linda and I were blessed to spend time with the family yesterday for my mom’s birthday.  Lupe’s granddaughter will be able to get an apartment.  She’s the one we mentioned last week who was having to move due to foreclosure.  DDede thanks The Lord that she got money back that was stolen.  Jana is thankful for the new vehicle they got and is proud of Janelle going into high school.  Pam is thankful that she felt well enough to get out and do some work on the yard.  Ruth is grateful to Perry Fleman for fixing up her house for her.  Tresa and Jon are just glad to be here.

Keep praying for Kingston.  Benny is in a room now and Cathy is staying with him.  A mass has been found on his kidney.  Lupe asks prayer for her family and especially for a grandson nervous about starting his junior year.  Pray bor Brenda who has started driving again and is having trouble with her shoulder.  Keep praying for Don’s friend Charles who is in ICU from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Pray for God’s will concerning little Jane and her schooling.  Pray for healing in her family.  Anita is still looking for a job.  She had an interview Thursday.  Pam prays for restored relationships.  We’re looking forward to great things for our homecoming in a couple of weeks.  Pray also for much needed rain in our area.  Pray for Brenda’s daughter Sarah who is starting nursing school and still suffering some pain.  Keep praying for Priscilla’s parents.

Pray for each other and be an answer to someone’s prayer this week.  You are loved.


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