Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of August 26

I had a little technical difficulty getting the requests today so please forgive any omissions or chime in with anything you want to add.

The rain makes it a little more difficult for all of us but we are so thankful for it.  Pastor David is praising God for good things his family was able to enjoy recently.  Kim is steadily improving but still needs our prayers.  Anna starts her new job tomorrow.  Linda is thankful for the good crowd we had at the Bible study this morning.  Pam is thankful to be learning the bus system so that she can get around more easily.  Teresa is glad to be able to be here and see everyone.

Ruth asks prayer for the pastor where her son attends church.  They call him Brother Bill.  He is having heart trouble.  Don got some test results back and has more medical appointments ahead to decide what to do.  April is having problems with her ear ans asks prayer for the health of her mother and her aunt.  Pray for Pastor’s friends Julie and Chris.  Julie will be having a baby by cesarean on Friday.

Be blessed to be a blessing this Week.


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