Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of August 30

Here are the praises and prayer requests for this week.  I’m sorry to take so long to get everything out this week.  I’m still catching up from a weekend away.

Kim is feeling better and has enjoyed time spent with family.  She rejoices in what God is showing her.  Vicki thanks the Lord for a new chair that a stranger raised money to get for her.  She is getting to travel this month and may get involved in new ministry opportunities.  She asks prayer that she will choose what God wants.  Cindy rejoices that all is going well with the children’s school.  I think there was more to it but I can’t make it out from the recording.  Tim is rejoicing in the things he is learning from god’s word.Brenda is happy with the way things are going at work.  I made it back in time for most of the service and got to report that the retreat went very well.  It was evident to me as soon as the conference host began speaking that everything had been planned by the Lord.  Though we had no coordination other than the common theme of the retreat, everything that was said fit together.  Ruth thanks the Lord again that Sharon’s little dog was found.  Jana is glad to be back and we’re delighted too.  She is enjoying her new job.

Vicki asks prayer for her friend Dian and her daughter regarding family problems.  She prays for good management at the place where she lives.  She’s having trouble with her computer.  Cathy asks prayer for her friend Paula who had surgery on both knees today.  She prays for Debbie, whose father Max has been placed in hospice care.  Pastor David will have his hip surgery tomorrow.  Priscilla asks prayer for Eli, (from the pronunciation I’m sure that’s not the spelling) the little boy she cares for, who is not adjusting well to going to school.  Kim asks prayer for strength to keep to her healthy habbits and meet the requirements of her job.  We’re all proud of the progress she’s made.  Anita’s aunt Margaret is back in the hospital because of her stomach issues.  Debra is having more trouble with vertigo.  Karen still needs a new place to live.  Keep praying for Kelly, Shelly, and Clark.

Be blessed to be a blessing!


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