Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of August 23

Here are this week’s praise reports and prayer requests.
Ruth says Sharon got her dog back.  It had been hit by a car after escaping when her house was broken into but it is going to be ok.  Brenda’s coworker seems to be recovering well from cancer surgery and so is her cousin .  Cindy is glad to be back and that everyone is well.  Both of Mary’s children will be back to school this week.  Anita says her aunt is doing better after they found her problem.  Didi just wants to worship the Lord!  Teresa and Jon express their usual and delightful joy just in being alive and here with us.  Karen is thankful that Pam and Cindy came to see her.  Leslie and Calvin are both doing better.
Cathy prays for the daughter of a friend who is sick with something undiagnosed and for two other friends.  Pam wants us to keep praying for Sandy, Heather, and Chris and his mother.  Pray for pastor David’s health.  Mary prays for all the children starting school including her own.  Keep praying for Clark.  He is now in rehab but is not doing well.  Pray for Kelly and Shelly.  Kim is not feeling well.  Anita is having trouble with her kidneys and sugar.
Let God answer prayer through you this week!

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