Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of August 4

Ruth says Kingston’s leuchemia is in remission and he is doing better.  Pam is thankful that her relationship with The Lord is growing.  It was good to see Frances today.  We’re thankful that the van is working again.  Thanks to Tim for doing the work on it.  Vicki is thankful for a new ministry opportunity that has come her way.  Brenda thanks God for His faithfulness and ability to restore things that are broken.  We’re glad to have a new visitor with us, Tania who asks that we pray for her.

Pam wants us to pray for Chris and his mother.  Vicki asks that we pray for her apartment manager who has been sick.  Her name is Sally.  Frances wants prayer for Crystal.  Pray for Linda who was not able to be with us today.  Breedlove may be able to get a replacement for his truck.  Anita is looking for work and has a prospect for tomorrow but is concerned about her ability to stand.  Brenda asks us to pray for her as she takes on some extra work.  Pray for Kelly who is in trouble again.  Pray also for her sister.  John is sick today and couldn’t come.  Keep praying for Mary.

Pray for each other this week.  We all have needs that go unspoken.  Be a blessing as you are blessed.


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