Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of August 7

Praise the Lord with us for His goodness.  Pray with us over these requests.
Shelly is concerned about the changes being made to Clarke’s medication.  Pray for both of their health.  She prays for a friend Walter hose health is failing.  Pray for those who have to be out in the heat.  Juanita prays for a woman called T who is homeless.  Rick thanks everyone for the prayers for his mother.  She is getting better.  Keep praying for Kelly.  Edith is having trouble with medical bills that she should not have to pay.  She has new problems with her back unrelated to the surgery.  Lisa asks prayers as she tries to get Jane what she needs. Kay asks that we pray for Richard as he continue to recover.  Kim has to be on medication that is making her sick.  She praises the Lord that she is starting to walk again.  She asks prayer for relief from the pain.  Juanita prays for a safe trip to Oklahoma and for everything to work out so she can go.  Keep praying for Cathy’s recovery after breaking her hand last week.  Keep praying for Dede.  Her eyes are getting worse and she needs medication.  Debra is still having a lot of trouble with pain.  Anita’s aunt is getting better but she fell again.  Her name is Margaret.  Jason asks prayer for his brother struggling with addiction.  His name is Dustin.  Pastor David asks prayer for Melissa.  I missed details.
Ruth’s sister is back to full health.  Kelly says her leg is still getting better.  Shelly thanks the Lord that she was not hurt seriously in an incident with a car.  Juanita is thankful that she is able to get out and do things for herself now.  Dede thanks the Lord for all of His blessings.
Be a blessing this week!

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