Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of December 13

Rejoice with us over the good things God has done and remember these requests in your prayers.
Edith got a good report from her doctor.  We are delighted to have Richard Blake back with us today!  Kim praises God that she is doing so much better.  Ruth says her sister is doing better.  Priscilla thanks the Lord that they made it home through the storm yesterday.  Pam is getting her special shoes  repaired.  Linda is thankful that her friend Larry had a major medical issue detected and corrected before it was too late.  Debra says she felt better last week after Priscilla prayed for her.  Brenda is enjoying having Shelly around.  
Pam prays for her friend Michelle as she looks for new employment and housing.  Pray for Pam’s health.  Kim is having a lot of pain in her foot.  Pray for didi’s eyes and other health issues.  She says they were swollen after she got back from visiting family.  Lupe prays for her granddaughter as she fights to care for her children.  Her name is Nancy.  Shelly learned that she has arthritis.  John asks us to pray for him.  Keep praying for Kelly.

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