Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of December 16

Pastor was blessed to go see his grandson in a Christmas program this morning.  We’re delighted that so many people are here today.  we’re thankful to The Heights for the food and gifts today.Don is thankful that all of his family was able to get together last night.  Ruth’s nephew Jim is home and doing better.  April is thankful that her health is better and for good job prospects.  Keep praying for her great aunt who is weakening.  Pray for peace in her family.

Pray for Lupe’s cousin s family, the Flore family, after losing members.  Benny’s surgery is Wednesday.  He’ll be back in the hospital next week for a medication change.  Pray for Chuck and Sarah.  Pray for the family of Linda’s uncle Frank who passed away recently.  Pray for Priscilla’s parents who will both be undergoing surgeries this week.  Pray for the families of those who were killed in Connecticut last Friday.  Sarah asks that we pray for her daughter Madaline who she hasn’t heard from.

I pray that during this special time we will be extra thankful for all that God has given to us and will share it with those around us.


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