Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of December 23

Pam praises The Lord as do we all for the blessings we received from the Heights and others last week.  Kathy rejoices that Benny made it through his surgery and is recovering well.  He’ll go back again this week.  Jana is thankful to be starting school.  She will be able to get a car.  Kim is thankful for her grandfather’s recovery after a heart attack.  dede is thankful for the blessings in her life.  Teresa is thankful for her brother and the rest of her family.  Pam is also thankful that she got a new stove in her apartment.  Debora is grateful to have recovered a lost jacket.

Anita asks prayer for a sick aunt.  Don is going in January for more medical tests.  Pray for Brenda’s daughter Sarah and for Brenda who is suffering from illness.  Pray for Sandra’s friend Michelle who is trying to get a church prepared that is in great need.

Be a blessing this week as we have been blessed.


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