Sunday December 23,2012

Well I guess the world did not end on the 21st so I guess we will just have to believe That God was right when he said “no one knows when he will come again.”  Why don’t we just accept that and make use of whatever time we have to make this a better place.

I know it is a better place because of what the Heights church did last week for us at BBT.  What a great Christmas party and what a group we had.  I want to think not only The Heights church but Jerry Gibson who bought the hams to give out to our family’s and Diana who made us the bags and stockings filled with so much good stuff.  I know everyone had a great time and appreciated the generosity of so many.  Thanks again for everyone who was part of the celebration.

This week Joel and his group were to come out and lead us in praise and worship but they are moving it back to the following Sunday, the 30Th, so I will bring the message this week and Pris will have Sunday School.  As I was thinking about what a week this has been.  So much to be grateful for and so much to be sad about as well.  We need the Christmas story and we need it hear it again and again.  At Christmas time when our whole family is together we read this story before we open presents.  I think it is important for us all to stop and think about what happened that morning over 2,000 years ago.  It fulfilled the promises of the past and changed our future.  I am going to read in Luke the 2ND chapter vs 1 through 14. I hope you will read this again before Sunday and be prepared to come and worship with us on Sunday.  I hope you will be there with the Christmas spirit in your heart because I am going to ask you to do something on Sunday I have never asked you to do before.  Come Sunday and invite someone to come celebrate the Christmas story with us.

I hope you are in the Christmas mood this week and I hope you and your family are doing well.  There are many people who need us this season and we need to be needed.  God has a purpose for us and we must be prepared when we are called.  Please continue to pray for those we mentioned in our prayer requests last week and if you need or hear of someone that has a need call me and let’s see what we can do to help.  I love this season and it just seems to fly bye but I hope the feeling of Christmas last through the whole year of 2013.  Pray for this ministry and pray they we will always be willing to meet people where they needs are and be willing to share the love of Christ to everyone we meet.  I hope you have Christ on your Christmas list this year but what can we possible give to the person that has everything?  He does not want our money or our gifts he wants us, every part of us.  He wants our praise and he wants our devotion.  I hope you will be willing to give to God what he wants this year.  You will not believe what he has for you.
We love you and can’t wait to see you on Sunday!!!

Merry Christmas,
Pastor David & Pris


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