Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of December 4

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Linda praises the lord that she is going to be able to get a modification made to the car quickly.  She also rejoices to have met someone who is interested in coming to church with us and may join us next week.  Tim and Cindy had a good trip to see family.  Several folks all got new coats.  Kim rejoices that Edward likes our church.  She thanks the lord for lifting her spirits through music this afternoon.  Stephany got her internship assignment.  Pastor David thanks Billie for inviting her roommate Shirley to come to church with her.  Michael is glad to be back with us today.  Brenda enjoyed getting to see her grandson today.  Galen is thankful for a comforting experience with the Lord last week.
Cathy asks that we pray for the people involved in a bad accident she passed on the way here.  Kim asks us to pray for a baby Nattie who was born prematurely and is not doing well.  She prays for Edward as he seeks a new job.  Keep praying for Clarke and for Shelly.  Keep praying for Kelly.  Keep praying for Didi.  Cindy prays for her neighbor who is 90 and having trouble with her home.  Cindy asks us to pray for her family.  Ruth asks prayer for the young man who cares for her yard.  He would like to come but he is caring for his mother.  Rita is ill and in quarantine at the nursing home.  Edith and Lupe are also out sick.
Be God’s answer to someone’s prayer this week.

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