Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of December 6

Here are the praises and prayer requests for this week.
Linda praises the Lord for discovering that coffee makes her feel better after she ran out of tea.  She credits God for arranging it so that she would start drinking the coffee.  Vicki is thankful that she had several offers for Thanksgiving dinner.  I was surprised by unexpected recognition at a Christmas party last night.  Vicki also rejoices in the ministry opportunities that are coming her way.  Tim expressed joy in being married to Cindy for the past two years.  He is happy that his friend will come with him to church later this month.  Pam enjoyed Thanksgiving day with good friends.  John is thankful to have a friend.  Didi also thanks the Lord for time with family over Thanksgiving.  Teresa also enjoyed family time.  Brenda said something that I completely missed.
Lesley  and Karen were not feeling well today.  Pray especially for Less. Shelly is sick with bronchitis and for job security.  Pray for Kelly because we still don’t know where she is.  Vicki prays for healing so that she won’t have to have surgery.  Debra prays for wisdom in dealing with the pain and vertigo.  Pam asks us to pray about the violence we’ve recently seen arrournd the country and the world.  Pray for Priscilla’s dad as his health continues to fail.  Pray for Priscilla and the rest of the family.

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