Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of February 12

There were lots of praise reports this week.  Kim is back home and getting better.  Ruth says she got a good report from her doctor on her eyes.  She said the doctor was praying for her too.  Kelly says her leg is getting stronger.  Betty, Teresa, Jana, and John are all just thanking God to be here.  Pam thanks everyone for praying for conditions where she lives.  She got a new floor and other people got improvements to their homes as well.  Jana is thankful for peace in her home this week.  Teresa is glad that her dad has retired and is able to spend time with her.  Tim is thankful that he now has a good place to live.

Sandra is at Baylor in Irving.  We don’t have a lot of details but she said she was having seizures several times a day.  Keep praying for Kim.  Anna asked prayer for her mother Anastasia who has been very sick after each dialysis treatment.  Deborah prays for her friend Julia who has cancer and is on oral and IV chemotherapy.  It is making her sick.  Chuck is in a nursing facility with an infection.  The danger is that it could spread to his brain and become fatal. Pray for him and his family.  Betty has a broken tooth and is in pain.

Let’s keep all of these in our prayers this week and make an effort to encourage each other.  Be blessed to be a blessing.


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