Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of February 14

Rejoice with us over the good things God has done for us and pray with us concerning these requests.
Richard thanks pastor David for helping him get here.  Chris praises the Lord that he was spared in a near accident with a truck this weekend.  Anna rejoices that she was able to come today and thanks the Lord for a new car.  Cindy’s daughter’s surgery went well and she’ll start her job next week.  DiDi is thankful to be better after her fall a couple of weeks ago.  Edith is thankful for financial blessing.
Keep praying for Mary Ellen.  Pray for Kelly’s long-term living situation.  Lupe asks prayer for her granddaughter who is going to school and working.  Craig asks prayer for his back.  Pray for Clark’s health.   Anita wants prayer for peace in her family.  Cindy asks prayer that they will find a good daycare option and she asks that we keep praying for her Daughter.  Pray for their health and household.  Shelly prays for Clark’s niece Shannan who is with us today for relationship and family issues.  Pray for Shelly’s health.  Keep praying for reconciliation in their family.  They still need provision and a permanent place to live.  Pastor David is still having trouble with his ear.  Keep praying for Didi.  Keep praying for Don’s employment situation.
Be blessed to be a blessing this week.

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