Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of February 17

Ruth is rejoicing that she is going to get some extra work done on her home at no additional charge.  Lupe also got her home repaired.  She got unexpected money.  Cathy is glad to be back to work.

Ruth asks prayer for Twyla, the wife of Joe who workes on our air conditioning at the church, who is suffering from leuchemia.  Cathy asks that we pray for Francine Fulton.  Pray for Lupe’s son injured at work.  Keep praying for Linda to get better and come back to us.  Keep praying for Don’s health.  Dede is still feeling ill.  Kim has more doctor appointments this week.  Debra got some negative test results back from the doctor that she would like for us to pray over.

Pray for each other this week.


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