Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of February 19

Pastor David was not with us today because he had to go to the doctor with trouble breathing and a 104 degree temperature.  The latest word as of this writing is that he may have pneumonia and does have bronchitis.

Tim is thankful that he got new clothes and a good place to live.  He wants us to pray for the physical and emotional health of the people who live with him.  Don’s son-in-law Doug is making an emergency trip overseas.  Don would like for us to pray for his safety.  Glenn is in California getting training for his new job.  Betty has bad toothache and is having some trouble with someone where she lives.  Sandra thanks us for our prayers while she was in the hospital.  She is improving.  John’s glad to be alive.  Pam praises God that she is able to live independently.  She wants us to pray for her friend Sharron who has stage-4 cancer.  She also asks prayer for her eye trouble.  Ruth asks us to pray for her friend Nancy, who was in the hospital with pneumonia and is now home but still has blood clots in her lungs.  Teresa wants prayer for her family.  Dede asks prayer for her household and for her eyes.  Linda offers praise for a chat she had with someone who lost an arm.  She was able to share something of how God can use him as he is through her own story.  Francis prays for her daughter and grandson.

Be blessed to be a blessing this week.


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