Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of February 8

Linda rejoices that we have found someone to do the video for our ministry. Jerry is thankful to have someone helping him find a better place to live. It’s great to have the Terrells back! Karen is thankful fore her new jewelry. Ruth rejoices in a good time with friends last Wednesday. Tim gives God the glory for being free from smoking. Didi praises the Lord just because He deserves to be praised.

Ruth wants us to keep pring for her relative Edith. Cathy asks us to pray for Benny’s first wife Joyce who took a bad fall on the ice. Keep praying for Kelly. Brenda’s friend Ann has a mother Virginia who may have cancer. brenda wants us to keep praying for her friend Charles. Pray for Barbara who has some medical issues. Pray for Kelly, a friend of one of Brend’s coworkers. Keep praying for Mickie. Pray for Mary’s daughter Rachel. Jana is having trouble with her eyes and may need surgery. Pray for debra’s neck and shoulder. Shelly has asked for prayer.

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