Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of January 10

Our God is good!  Rejoice with us for what He has done and what He will do.
Shelly is back!  She praises the Lord that she still has work and can look for a place for Clark and her to live.  She thanks Don and Brenda for all their help.  We also rejoice to have her back.  Kim thanks the Lord for an answer to prayer.  Didi enjoyed holiday time with family.  Pastor David is thankful that he doesn’t need a new roof.
Cathy prays for the family of a friend who passed away.  Pray for the Ivens family.  Ruth says her sister may have more medical problems.  Shelly has new health problems.  Pray also for Clark.  Don needs work.  Brenda also needs prayer for a medical issue.  Didi prays for her cousin Tamy who’s home was the site of a drive-by.  Pray for little Travis who fell and broke his eardrum .  The other children are ill.  Tim asks prayer for his daughter Becky’s fiancĂ©   who has an older relative (I missed the relation) who is near passing.  Pray for Cathy’s friend Fay who needs surgery.
Remember, you could be God’s answer to prayer this week.  Listen for His prompting.
Be blessed to be a blessing,

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