Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!  Rejoice with us as we celebrate what God has done and what He will do.  Pray with us concerning these requests.

Ruth says her sister wants us to know she got a good report from her doctor.  Don also got a good report.  Cindy is thankful for reconciliation in her family.  Linda is thankful to have had a good dream this morning as she considers it a sign of good health.  Kelvin’s arm is better.  Edith is thankful that her home was preserved through the storms.  Karen is glad to be back and feeling better.  Pastor David rejoices that his children have their new home and his is a little less crowded.
Pray for Clark.  He is not well.  Pray for the safe return home of Sarah and her family.  They will have some trouble due to flooding.  Cindy prays for peace as the grandchildren go back to school.  Brenda asks prayer for her mother who is out of needed medications.  Cheyenne prays for a family friend named Betty who has had bypass surgery.
Let the Lord answer a prayer through you this week!

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