Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of January 26

Cindy praises the Lord that her daughter and son-in-law have found a home to purchase.  Pam got approval for new special shoes that she needs.  We welcome a new visitor today!  Ruth says that Kingston is in remission again and his treatments will be less severe.  Jerry Gibson has completed his first round of treatment and the results are looking good.  Keep praying for his healing.  Kelly   says her leg is getting stronger.  Cathy rejoices that two friends got to be with Jesus this week and asks prayer for their families.  The firemam Joe who we prayed for last week is improving.

Cindy   asks prayer for a coworker named Mike who has cancer and is to undergo a marrow transplant.  Edith asks that we pray over the situation that has been in the news where the woman is brain dead but the unborn baby is alive.  The hospital has been directed to pull the plug by 5:00 tomorrow.  Pray for Dede’s eyes and her family.  Pray for Shelly.  Mickie asks that we pray for Carla who is having family problems.  Cathy asks that we pray for the Wilborns, both diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer.  Pray for Leanne, who is having fainting spells of unknown cause.

We thank the Lord for the many good things He has already done and put our trust in Him.  Let Him use you this week to be an answer to prayer.


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