Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of January 4

Mary is enrolled in college. Lexis is glad that her nose is better. Anita thinks the Lord for good health. Janna praises the Lord for her family. Dede thanks the Lord that He woke her up before a kitchen fire got out of control.

Rachel prays for her and her grandpa to have a good week at school and work. Lupe is out with a cold. Kim has pneumonia and other illnesses. Pray for Priscilla and family as they cope with her sister’s decline. Pray for her parents too.Jana will be in court regarding her property on Tuesday. Pray for Kelly’s living situation. Brenda brings a request from Kay for her friend Gary with diabetes problems. Pray for Kingston as he is facing more health issues. He’s having trouble walking. The heat in our fellowship hall is not working. Someone brok into Letrice’s apartment. She asks that we pray for them.

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