Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of January 5

Linda  praises the Lord for protecting us when we went to visit Anita and allowing us to be a blessing to a couple who helped us when she fell off of her scooter.  Anita is getting better and has been moved from ICU to a room.  Pam is thankful for a pleasant holiday season.  She is thankful for caring people who helped her on a cold day when she had to take a trip.  Cathy is thankful that her surgery went well.  Dede and Teresa praise God for a new year.  Jana enjoyed good family time over Christmas and they got another vehicle.  Brenda P is doing better with her shoulder.  She got to see her grandchildren over the holiday.

Keep praying for Priscilla’s parents.  Her dad had another incident last week and is back home now.  Pray for Edith’s daughter-in-law who is having a difficult pregnancy.  Pray for Ruth’s neighbor Martin.  His leg is hurting him badly.  Pam asks prayer for her friend Chris who has Shingles.  Kay asks prayer for herself and for Annette.  Kim says her blood clots are going away.  Keep praying.  Tim and Cindy are both out sick.  Pray for a quick recovery.


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