Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of July 13

John is thankful for another birthday. Linda is thankful we were able to bless our friends and have a good time thanks to Anna and her daughter. Jana rejoices that her cousin we’ve been praying for is out of the hospital. Brenda is thankful for a good time with family. Jana is also thankful for a new truck. Dede is thankful that her cousin found a place to live.

April prays for wisdom in decisions she needs to make, pretection, and peace in her family. Pastor David is having trouble with his ears. Isabella, the little girl Priscilla prays for, is sick with a cough. debra asks prayer for her mother suffering complications from Polio. Cathy asks that we pray for family going through a big transition to a smaller place. Ruth asks prayer for health issues. She’ll go to the doctor on Tuesday. Jana is having trouble with her foot. She will go to the doctor on Tuesday to see if she needs a cast. Anna requests prayer for her cousin Dee who needs a home. Dede asks prayer for her friend Dorothy who is having problems with her lungs. Dede wants us to keep praying for her eyes and health. Jerry asks us to pray for his mother with a brain multiple cancers and other health issues.

Pray for each other and remember to thank The Lord for all that He has already done.

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