Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of July 24

Rejoice with us over what God has done for us. Pray with us over these requests.
Rick says his mother is getting better.  John got new shoes.  Dede praises the Lord that she is getting better after getting into poison ivy and scalding her hand.  Cindy is thankful for God’s protection and for a good deal on things for their home.  Tim says that he is inspired by the people in the church and thanks everyone for being here.  Linda rejoices that her sister got an offer for a job closer to her home.  Edith’s back is getting better.
Juanita asks that we pray for a man in her home named Tim who was hit by a car and is in ICU.  Keep praying for Shelly and Clark.  Cathy asks prayer for a friend Holly who is on hospice care and recently lost a cousin.  Keep praying for Kim.  The infection is healing but she is still having trouble with her foot.  Juanita may need to have her gall bladder removed.  She’ll find out tomorrow.  She is afraid.  Cindy prays for her children as they are traveling this week.  Keep praying for Dede.
Let God answer prayer through you this week!

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