Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of July 29

It was good to see so many of our people back today.  Kim’s blood clot is gone!  Leigh Kagel is doing better after Chuck’s passing.  Linda and I are thankful for what God is doing through the Bible study at the rehab center.  Pam is glad to have been able to visit Sandy and her daughter.  Glenn’s surgery went well.  He may get to go back to work.

Deborah has just learned that she has diabetes.  Dede asks prayer for a cousin  named Frances who fell.  Pray for her cousin who lost a son.  Andrew got hurt in an accident recently.  He’s doing better now and is with us.  Priscilla asks us to pray for Kathy who she met at Parkland whose husband is out of work and theyh are  in financial need.  Lupe thanks everyone for praying for her family.  She asks that we keep praying for the mother who has a brain tumor and memory loss.  Pray for her to get over the sickness she has now.  Pam asks prayer for a friend of her friend Michelle who is in ICU after a car accident.  They call her Drama.  Anna wants us to pray for Jesse who will be deployed to the Middle East and won’t be able to communicate with his family while he is there.  Don’s kidney biopsy will be this Friday.  Brenda asks prayer for her mom and family.  Her mom and brother are having health problems.  Pray for Jana and her family.  She’s trying to start school at the end of August and everything has to work out so that she can.

Please forgive anything I missed or stated incorrectly as I type this on the fly.  Be blessed to be a blessing this week.


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