Praise and Prayer requests from Sunday Service of July 30

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Linda rejoices that we missed being delayed by the train.  Pam has been getting physical therapy and her new shoes are coming.  April has enjoyed her time with us.  Anita rejoices that she is doing better and able to come to church.  She’s beginning to walk without assistance.  Ruth is thankful to be here today.  Keep praying for her health.  We’re happy to have Teresa with us two weeks in a row.  Priscilla thanks the Lord not to have been hurt by spilled boiling water this week.  She says that God protected her.
Ruth is having surgery on Friday on her wrist.  Ruth wants to get better and go home.  Pray for the health of Cathy’s mother-in-law.  She may have had a stroke.  Pray for Kim’s recovery.  She will have her foot checked on Tuesday.  Keep praying for Kelly.  Pray for her long-term stability and safety.  The Terrells are out with bronchitis.  Edith is home not feeling well.  April prays for our church.  She prays for safe travel as she returns home.  Didi prays for a friend Walter who has been taken to jail.  Teresa has an unspoken request.  Pam asks prayer as she continues to try to connect with her mother.  Pray for Shelly and for Clarke.  Pam’s friend Chris has a kidney stone.  Pray also for his mother.  Didi’s eyes are getting worse.  Anita prays for her aunt and uncle as they care for her.
Be a blessing this week as you are blessed.

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