Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of July 31

Pray and rejoice with us.
Kelly wants us to pray for her leg to get stronger.  Edith needs to find a new doctor and is having new problems.  Remember Shelly and Clarke.  Shelly is having more health problems.  Keep praying for Kim who is still having trouble with her foot.  Pray for Priscilla as she faces challenges with her parents.  Rick asks prayer for his mom, Pat, and her husband, Howard both with health problems.  Ana prays for peace as she reunites with estranged family members.  Pray for Cathy’s brother’s niece who was in a car accident this weekend.  Linda prays for the family of a high school friend who passed away last week.  Her name is also Linda.
Brenda rejoices that her daughter is about to have a baby and prays all goes well.  Cathy is looking forward to reconnecting with old friends tomorrow.  Priscilla rejoices that Kim won’t have to go back for more wound care and also that little Eli thanked Jesus for healing her.  Juanita is walking some.  She enjoyed a good evening despite missing several busses as they tried to move about the city.  Juanita is also glad to be able to get here even though they missed the church bus.  We’re glad they made it too!
Remember to thank God for all that He has done for us and let Him answer prayer through you this week!

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