Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of July 6

This is our first live post to the new web site. I’m thankful to have finally had the time to take it online. I post the prayer requests as we take them in the service, so please forgive the spelling errors and typos that I’m sure you see regularly.

Shelly thanks The Lord for good people to help her husband. She thanks The Lord for jobs and financial provision. It appears that he wants to be a part of the church. Linda welcomes Sam Gill who is taking video of our service this week and thanks God for the good that He will do through it. Cindy says that Sarah’s daughter had her baby normally last week. Lupe thanks God for a new granddaughter.Ruth is thankful for an opportunity to see her new great nephew. Teresa is thankful that her brother brought her to church today. Doug is thankful for a great granddaughter who recently had a successful surgery. Kelly prays for balance so that she can walk again. Shelly prays for her husband Clark to get stronger. Pray for her brother who needs surgery to remove a growth. Kimi had to go back to the hospital today because she has not been able to keep anything down. Brenda asks God’s protection as she travels with Barbara. Barbara is having some pain from dental work. Jana asks prayer for her cousin Kathy who has gone into the hospital with asthma complications. Lupe asks protection for her family who is traveling to Chicago this week. John prays to see his long estranged brother. Dede asks prayer for her eyes. April prays for wisdom regarding an abusive situation that she knows of.

As we enjoy a belated 4th of July celebration today, let us thank The Lord for his provision in this wonderful country in which we live. Let us pray for revival and for wisdom to know our part in it.

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