Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of June 14

Cathy is thankful to have some work done.  Didi is thankful to be moved.  Teresa is thankful that her brother brought her to church today.  We are thankful for repairs in progress to the baptistry.
Kelly prays for everything to work out as she is living with Shelly now.  Keep praying for Perry as he fights the cancer.  Karen asks prayer for her granddaughter who is a missionary at seventeen Keep praying for Brenda’s cousin who has cancer.  Her name is Judy.  Cathy asks prayer for a young relative named Lucian who carries a genetic defect that could cause health and developmental problems.  Kelly asks prayer for a friend Stephanie  (I think I heard that right) who is sick .  Shelly is very sick.  She just got out of the hospital yesterday.  Cindy asks prayer in her job.  Pray for Karen who will at some point need a dangerous surgery that may result in paralysis.

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