Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of June 17

Pam and all of us are thankful for the new windows on our building.  Linda rejoices that we will be able to do a Bible study at a local rehab center.  Brenda is thankful that she got to go on vacation.

Pray travel mercies for Priscilla as she gets to go on vacation courtesy of friends.  Pray for Pastor and Kim while she’s gone.  Ruth asks prayer on behalf of Anna for a friend, Jake, who was hit by a car and was badly injured.  Pam prays for a friend living in an abusive home.  Andrew needs a new refrigerator.  John reminds us to pray for each other.  Frances says that a friend of Crystal asked for prayer before she left on Sunday morning.  Ed’s health is failing and he has been falling.  He is living alone.

I hope that everyone took time yesterday and every day to thank our Heavenly Father for His goodness to us and His love.  Be blessed to be a blessing this week.


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