Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of June 2

Pam is thankful that someone helped her cross a dangerous intersection.  Kim is grateful to have seen a doctor that it seems will help her and got to spend time with her sister.  Cindy thanks The Lord that her youngest got to move into a new home.  Pastor david praises The Lord for a quick recovery and getting the pool fixed.  We’re all happy to see Teresa today.  Frances got a new refrigerator.  John is always glad to be alive.  Dede is thankful for His blessings and protection.  Bobby’s wife had a problem with her foot but is getting better.

Pray for Norma, Bobby’s wife, who is having the ancle problems and problems with her spine.  Richard, a man brenda knows, is dealing with family illness and death.  He is also having health problems.  I missed the name but keep praying for Don’s coworker that we have had on the list before.  Pray for Priscilla’s friend whose house was recently burglarized and the children are afraid.  Keep praying for Priscilla’s parents.  Pray for Pastor’s friend Kathy who is not expected to live from cancer.  Pray for Teresa’s brother, one we haven’t met, who has recently had a heart attack.  Kim wants us to pray for Pastor David and Priscilla with their health issues.  Keep praying for Chris and his mother.


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