Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of June 8

April praises The Lord that she is learning self control.  Kim is thankful that she was able to get tests done earlier than expected so that she can have the surgery she needs.  Pam is grateful that she will have her shoes fixed.  Kelly rejoices in being able to walk better.  Anita praises The Lord that she is feeling better and was able to stop smoking.  Dede is thankful for God’s protection and help to also stop smoking.  Jana thanks The Lord for His blessings and rejoices that her daughter did so well at school.  Linda is thankful that everything worked out for her medical testing and new medication.

Pray for Anna’s mom, Anastasia, who was rushed to the hospital last week.  Pray for the family of Jimmy, a friend of the pastor, who just lost his father.  Pray for Doris, a friend or relative of Dede who has been diagnosed with a terminal condition. Anita asks that we pray for Gracie who is in hospital in need of blood transfusions.  April asks prayer for severe headaches after being hit in the head repeatedly several months ago.  Pray for Don and Brenda as they make a trip this week to help out friends.  Brenda asks prayer for a coworker who has been hospitalized after a trip to Mexico.  Her name is Vicki.  Keep praying for Kim as she will have more cancer screening and surgery to remove a tumor.  Pray for John who is sick and has to remain in isolation.

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