Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of March 17

I really like it when the praise reports outnumber the prayer requests.  After all we have so much to be thankful for.  Anita got a car.  Now she can drive here to join us instead of spending hours on the bus.  Sylvia’s daughter also got a car.  Linda’s certification interview with DART went well.  We see it as an opportunity to let others know about our church.  Kim says we may have someone new joining us from Brentwood next week.  Priscilla is thankful for a good week keeping the children despite her injury.  Edith is thankful that the changes happening where she works don’t include her losing her job.  Brenda got to meet a new neighbor this week.

Cathy asks prayer for wisdom in making a major change in her life.  Anita asks us to pray for her friend Michele who is now living at The Bridge.  Lupe’s son is applying for a new job after learning that he will not be able to keep the one he has.  Mary was taking to the hospital directly from our service today.  She is not breathing well and did not have enough oxygen.  Pleas pray or her this week.

Pray for eahc other this week and let’s make an effort to know each other better.  Be blessed to be a blessing.


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