Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of March 20

Praise the Lord with us as we rejoice in answered prayer.  Remember these requests this week.
We are delighted to have Edith back with us!  Cindy is thankful to have gotten all the family together  for the weekend.  Ruth’s sister is getting better.  Linda rejoices that she got a good report from her eye doctor and her vision is correctable now to almost 20/20.
Keep praying for Kelly.  Anita asks prayer for her family as she lost her father-in-law last week.  Dede is home sick and has been sick since Friday.  Travis had to be taken home today throwing up.  Pray for Shelly’s health.  Keep praying for Kimmie.  She is finishing up the treatment but they will determine tomorrow if she has to go into the hospital.  Also pray for Clark’s health. Craig prays for help getting through school.  He ask us to pray especially over those who come to church this time of year who don’t normally come, that they will get to know Jesus.
Who can you bring?  Be an answer to prayer this week.

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