Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of March 22

Linda is thankful to find someone to help fix a problem with our van who is treating us fairly.  Rachel got a hair cut and donated to Locks of Love.  It is good to have Anna and Pam back with us.  Also Karen was able to come back and expressed her joy in being here.  April is thankful for strength in stressful situations.

Lupe is still feeling sick.  Shelly is having severe headaches and was not able to come today.  Cindy asks prayer for her daughter’s boyfriend’s mother Gretchin.  Jana and Mr. Breedlove are experiencing some pain.  Keep praying for April’s great aunt.  Pray for her family.  Latrice prays for the church, the country, and the world.  Brenda is having more trouble with her shoulder.  She asks us to keep praying for Sarah as she goes through school.  Kim asks prayer for her pain.  Janna says Janelle is doing well in school and prays for her to get a scholarship.  Brenda prays for her friend’s relative Virgina who has cancer.  Keep praying for Frances.  She is not eating and is on hospice.  Keep praying for Pricilla’s father.  Pray for Jay Gibson’s son Jacob.  I missed a couple.  Please comment if you want to add anything.  I was fighting a headache but I’m better now.

Be an answer to prayer this week.

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