Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of May 11

Richard is thankful for the help Priscilla gave him on Monday.  Kelly is glad to have her sister back.  Cindy is thankful for good health and a good week despite the power outage from the storms.  Lupe is rejoicing in good health results for her son.  Mr. Breedlove is thankful to have made it safely through a bad storm while driving.  Cathy is thankful for Ruth as are we all.  Dede is thankful to be here and for God’s care for her.

Kelly prays to keep getting stronger. Mickie prays for Carla who is still struggling with her medications.  Shelly prays fore her husband Clark. Janna asks prayer for her sister who is in the hospital with kidney disease.  Her name is Teri.  Pray for Lisa who is sick.  Pray for Kin.  She is in a lot of pain and there’s nothing much that can be don right now.  She has multiple tumors.  Iris fell and broke her wrist and arm.  She is home for now but needs help to stay there.  Cathy asks prayer for a friend’s mother Betty who suffers from memory loss.


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