Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of May 17

Jana thanks the Lord for a wonderful Mothers day and good things that happend to her daughter.  Kim thanks the Lord for everyone’s safety during the storms.  Several of us just expressed a joy that we can be here together.  Linda and I are certainly glad to be back.  Anita praises God that her health continues to improve.  Linda thanks everyone for their prayers when she was out.  The tests  came back normal and her pain is less.  Pastor is thankful to have his home repaired and back in order.  Brenda had one that I missed.
Pray for Kim who is still feeling sick and can’t hear out of one ear.  Brenda’s aunt Lucinda  who has asked prayer regarding cancer.    Shelly wants us to pray for all who have suffered from the various natural disasters that have occurred.  She asks prayer for herself and Clark.  She prays for Kelly as well that the rehab helps her and she gets what she needs.  Brenda asks that we pray for her friend Janet whose health is failing after the passing of her father.  We pray for relief now from the flooding.  Jana prays for understanding and guidence from the Lord.  Pray for Jerry’s family.  He passed away last week.  Keep praying for Didi.

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