Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of May 20

Pam praises god for a good week.  She was able to go and work out three times.  Lupe thanks everyone for praying for her while she was sick. Pray for her medications to be worked out or even better for complete healing.  Kelly prays for her leg to get stronger.  She needs home healthcare.  April is thankful to be here and asks prayer for peace in her family in cramped living conditions.  She had money stolen.  Remember to pray for Kim.  She was hospitalized with the blood clot in her leg.  She is home now.  She is taking shots but they don’t seem to help.  Priscilla’s dad is back home and recovering from his heart attack. Jana prays for wisdom as she makes a decision about what to do to continue her education on Tuesday.  Don will be going back to the doctor in June to follow up on test results revealing possible kidney problems.  Dede prays for peace in her home and for her health.  Pam requests prayer regarding her medical issues and for help in her relationships.  Priscilla’s son Josh may also be facing medical challenges.  Glenn needs an operation.  Keep praying for Elke as she undergoes cancer treatment.  She couldn’t be with us this Sunday.


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