Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of May 22

Our God is good!  Praise Him for His mighty works!  Pray with us over these requests and expect great things!
Don says his daughter is doing better and getting needed treatment.  Sarah got a job.  Lupe thanks the Lord that tests came back negative and she does not have cancer.  Lisa thanks the Lord that Jane is able to ride the bus to school now.  Mary Ellen is doing better. Didi is thankful to be here and for the Lord’s blessing and protection.  Linda is thankful to be getting physical therapy.  John is thankful to be well.
Sandra may have opportunity for a new contract and prays it goes through.  Edith will have her surgery on Friday.  Pray for Katherine, an acquaintance of Cathy, who is battling Brest cancer.  Pastor asks us to pray for the daughter of a coworker suffering from severe migraines.  Her name is Amber.  Keep praying for Shelly and Clark.  Kim is still having trouble with her foot and may need further surgery.  Craig is looking for an internship.  Cathy asks prayer for a friend Ginger who had a heart oblation but it hasn’t helped as much as hoped.  Didi prays for a friend, Brenda, with cancer and for herself.  Sandra prays that Malcolm will pass his PT exams and find employment.  Pray also for Sandra’s improvement.  Anita asks prayer for her aunt having problems with severe acid reflux.  Keep praying for Craig’s brother and his wife.  Their names are Ken and Susan.  Ken has terminal cancer and does not know the Lord.  Susan may also have cancer.  Pray that Eli’s arm heals well.
Be an answer to prayer this week.

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