Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of May 5

We’re delighted to have Priscilla back with us all well.  Pam thanks The Lord for unexpected financial blessing.  Linda is grateful that our neighbor helped us to get our car cleaned up to sell.

Cathy asks prayer for Ken Fulton.  Pastor David wants us to pray for Kathy, a woman he knows who is close to death from cancer.  Brenda would like us to pray for the wife of one of the drivers where she works also named Brenda who has a tumor.  Pray for Brenan, a twelve-year-old boy who needs hospitalization and his parents are afraid to send him.  Cathy had another request that I missed.  Keep praying for Kim.  She is closer to knowing what is wrong but there is no clear solution.  Pray for the little boy that Priscilla keeps who fell and cut open his ear.  Pray for Priscilla who hurt her knee again.  Pam is having swelling in her jaw.

Pray for each other and be a blessing this week.


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