Sunday May 5, 2013 "Can you hear me now?"

We had a great day in Church last week; it was a short service but good one.  I enjoyed the time I got to spend with you and I am looking forward to seeing you again this week.  Pris was sorry she was not able to be there to teach the Sunday School but she is feeling better now and hopes to be back in church on Sunday.  I hope you will be with us as we start off the month of May.

This week I am staying in the Gospel of John I will be in John 5 Vs 1-9.  This is the story of man who had an infirmity for 38 years.  Jesus saw the man and asked him “Do you want to be made whole?”  What a question, that was what he wanted more than anything in life and now Jesus was offering it to him.  This man had given up because he had no help.  But Jesus shows he was his help, he was the one that could heal him.  He was all he needed.  I am going to talk this week about hearing God.  Sometimes we feel we have no help and we have no hope, just like this man felt.  I want you to know you do have hope because the same Jesus this healed this man is the same Jesus we serve today.  We have to be able to hear him.  Not only does God want to speak to us he wants to speak through us.  We talked last week about “See something, Say something, Do something, Be something.” That is what God wants us to do.  When God speaks to us through other people, or maybe in our dreams, or the words to a song, or through the scripture or if it is just a thought that comes into your head, God wants you to hear him.  Sometimes he is speaking to encourage you,  to give you strength; sometimes he speaks to have you give his message to another.  What ever he has for you, you need to hear it.  I hope you will be in church on Sunday and see what God has for you.  He always shows up he is waiting on you.

Thank you for all your prayers this week for Pris, she really does appreciate them.  We all need the prayers of others.  We all need help and we all need to be helpers.  We all can hear from God.  We all have a purpose and we all have a job to do. Sometimes it is to encourage others sometimes it is to be encouraged by someone else.  We need each other.  We need to love others as Christ loves us.  I hope you have a great week. I hope you get to pray for someone this week and I hope someone will pray for you this week.  Do great things in the name of Jesus and we will see you on Sunday!

We love you so much

Pastor David & Pris


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