Praise and Prayer requests from Sunday Service of November 18

We got started early today and I wasn’t quite ready, so please feel free to chime in with anything I miss.  In honor of our Thanksgiving celebration we started by expressing specific things that we were thankful for.  We’re most thankful for Jesus and what He did for us.
Pray for the family of John, Edith’s neighbor who was killed in a car wreck.  Pray for Brenda’s daughter Sarah as she is struggling wiht schoolwork.  Dede’s friend Jeneva asked prayer for her family.  Keep praying for Chuck and Sarah.  Pam wants us to pray for Vicki V.  Pray for Don’s health and for a man who works with him.  Mary is here with us today and seems to need prayer for something she cannot express.

I hope that we will all remember to be a blessing this season in thankfulness for all that He has blessed us with.


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