Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of November 4

Pam thanks The Lord that some people got together and bought her a new walker.  Kim is thankful for a new phone.  Jana rejoices in the marriage of her daughter.  We’re all blessed to hav eedith playing the piano for us.  Dede thanks The Lord for a new day.

Pam reminds us to pray for Chris’s mom who is aging and in poor health.  Pray for Kim’s continuing health problems and the wisdom to know what to do about it.  Lupe asked prayer because she is having trouble controling her blood sugar.  Jana asks prayer for her cousin whose son was killed last week.  Pray for Pastor David’s friends Kathy and Roger.  Kathy is very sick with cancer.  Pray for the washington and brooks families who have experienced a death.  Pray for Ruth’s nephew Jim.  Pray for Don who is experiencing new health problems.  Pray that he will be able to keep working in the face of more layoffs at his job or that he will have peace in whatever God plans for him.  Pray for chuck and Sarah.  Chuck is having more trouble with his health.  Pray for their relationship and for Cheyenne.

Pray for each other and bee a blessing this week.


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