Sunday November 4, 2012

We had another great day at BBT last Sunday.  We had a chance to pray over our church and the ones in it.  I think a church should be a place where you come to expecting to receive or to give prayers.  I hope we never get to the point that we just don’t have time to pray for people.  If we do we are definitely doing something wrong.

This week I want to talk about God doing a new thing in us.  God constantly wants new things for us.  He brings people in our lives and out as well.  He has new challenges for us to increase our faith and has new blessings he wants to pour out on us.  If God wants to do these things what is stopping him?  It is not him it is us.  We can’t let go of the past; we can’t forget what we have done in our lives.  The windows of our hearts and souls are clouded with memories of the pain, hurt, and betrayal we have experienced over the years.  God wants us to see that he is making ways for us to get out of the past and look forward to the future.  The scripture verses this week are in the Old Testament. Isaiah 43: 18-21.  God says he is going to make a road in the wilderness and a river in the desert. I hope you will be in church on Sunday and I hope you will invite someone to come with you as we see what New things God has in store for us.

I received some sad news this week from close friends of mine.  Kathy and Roger Judkins found out Monday that Kathy’s cancer has spread through her body and she has just a few months, according to the doctors.  We know only God knows when someone will be called home and I told them we would be praying for them.  Please remember all those that need our prayers and remember what we talked about last week. Don’t overlook the blessings that God has for you and see what new things God has for us!!  Next week Larry and Linda will have the service so be sure to plan on making plans for whole month of November.  We love you and can’t wait to see you on Sunday.

Pastor David & Pris


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