Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of November 6

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Edith rejoices that her son got a job offer.  Anita is back with us and feeling better.  Tim rejoices that the repairs are near completion on his home.  Didi thanks the Lord that she is feeling better.  Kingston had his last treatment and is completely cured.  Kelly has been walking.
Anita prays for the safety of her friend Ella.  Didi asks prayer for her eyes.  Galen is possibly gong into the hospital for brain surgery on Tuesday.  Keep praying for Shelly and Clark.  Brenda asks for prayer for Don and herself as well.  Lisa fell yesterday and is not well.  Keep praying for Debra.  She is out with a headache again.  Edith goes back to the doctor next week.  Keep praying for her with her back pain.  Lee Ruth in your prayers.  Pray for Travis who may be a little ill.
Be God’s answer to someone’s prayer this week!

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