Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of November 8

Join us in rejoicing over the good things God has done for us and in prayer over these requests in the coming week.
Shelly is glad to be back at work and doing well.  Pam thanks the Lord for supplying her needs.  I am thankful for God using my sister to encourage me this morning when I was really down.
Ruth’s cousin got out of rehab but then fell and hurt herself again and is back in the hospital.  Rachel prays to get better grades.  We pray God will help her do what she needs to do to get them.  Lupe is still sick. Pray for Kim’s foot to improve.  Shelly is experiencing severe pain that may be joint related.  Pam asks prayer for her friend Michelle.  Cathy prays for her friend Paulette and the Davis family.  Shelly asks prayer for friends undergoing temptation to go the wrong way.  She wants us to keep praying for debra and  for Glenda from the fellowship of the blind who learned that she has cancer.  Keep praying for Priscilla’s parents.
Be an answer to prayer this week.

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